About US

Ryan was the youngest person at Saint John's hospital to receive a surgery which removed a large portion of his digestive tract.  He was taking proton pump inhibitors for several years and developed internal issues and problems. He set out with Dr. Derosa to formulate a product that was all-natural with function.  This formula had to taste great, enable digestion, stop heartburn quickly and increase absorption of nutrients.  All other antacids just stop heartburn and do nothing but hinder critical nutrient absorption.

After getting a liquid formula dialed in and attending several trade shows the product took on t'sown life and became a powder that you pour out of a packet into a glass of wager.  This worked very well but required too many steps to stop  heartburn.  Our Axia3 ProDigestive tablets were born and Ryan was able to get it into the Southern Pacific region of Whole Foods markets.  This grew into the national account.  Shortly thereafter the national Sprouts Farmer's markets had accepted Axia3 into the national buy list as well.  

Ryan was able to get the product into 5,000 natural markets, GNC, CVS and McKesson.  Shortly after that we were able to get Axia3 in most stores across Canada.